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About Us

Click N’ Loan provides a safe opportunity for you to access the unsecured cash loan you need from our online lending partners. Not only will you be able to maintain your budget without sacrificing your assets, your credit will benefit as well.

We don’t drill you about your reasons for needing the cash and our lending partners don’t structure the loans in a way that sets you up to fail.  You simply apply for the additional funds to supplement your personal needs and benefit from the manageable terms.

How Can a Personal Loan Help?

An unsecured loan from an online lender saves you the time and money you would spend searching for a reputable lender and go through a traditional bank or other financial institution.

This assistance can help in hundreds of ways depending on what your needs are.  For some it means providing a floral arrangement fit for kings at your daughter’s wedding.  For others it may mean placing all your credit balances in one place and motivating yourself to pay off long-term debt.

Much like a credit card, you agree to the repayment terms laid out by your lender and receive a line of credit to use as you please.

An unsecured personal loan is more manageable and dependable than other loan options, and if managed properly with on-time payments, can help improve your credit standing.


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