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Rates & Fees


Penalties Based on Late Payments or Non-Payment

Creditors understand that unforeseen circumstances may come up.  Things like unemployment or illness can make it very difficult to meet payment schedules.  If this happens, you can contact your creditor and explain the situation.  They may work with you to create a new repayment schedule.  You might also be offered an option to “renew” or “refinance.”

One thing to remember is if you renew your loan frequently, this could increase the overall cost of your loan.  Each time you choose to refinance, you incur additional interest charges and fees.  Refinancing should only be done if it benefits you and fits in with your spending.

Should your situation require outside help, contact a credit counseling agency.  These agencies can work with you and your creditor to help resolve borrowing problems.

Responsible Borrowing

ClickNLoan.com strives to connect customers with a long term financial solution. You should only take out a new monthly credit payment when you’re spending less monthly then you take home.

Also, the additional credit should not take away from the amount of money you’ve committed to saving. If you abuse your borrowing rights, you can damage your personal finances by incurring additional fees. Avoid creating a cycle of debt by following responsible borrowing practices.

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